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26th December 2005

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#1 15 years ago

Hi, im here to represent you Fastdead my new clan (and first one ever) I'm Emris AKA Fastdead_Dragos_L and with help from my friend {DL}Striker I managed to make my own new clan :) we have a forum and a server that I try to setup as much as I can we are recruiting and we are currently with 2 me and a new member Kadokan pls post in the Join us to join or email me on [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] the server name is usualy Fastdead-recruiting or Fastdead-area_base our site is and may the force be with you all gamers note for filefront admins : sorry i would have posted this in the other topic of all clans but u cant access it cause it hasnt been used for 30 days. if you make it accessable pls dont delete my post but move it to there thanks =) gb all hf & gl Fastdead_Dragos_L AKA Emris