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26th November 2005

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[COLOR=red]Clan Name[/COLOR]: The Non-Obsessed Clan (:naughty: ) [COLOR=red]My Name[/COLOR]: [NO]Drahcir[ON] [COLOR=red]Clan Home Page[/COLOR]: [COLOR=red]Clan Forums[/COLOR]: [COLOR=red]Recruiting[/COLOR]: YES [COLOR=red]Requirements[/COLOR]: We accept anyone that is mature, and willing to put some effort into making friends in the clan. We don't require that you be the best, only that you have a good attitude. If you don't you'll be gone in a flash. [COLOR=red]Server name[/COLOR]: NO or [NO]Recruiting (we're also on the ZosoHomeBase server sometimes) [COLOR=red]Allies[/COLOR]: ZosoClan (also friends with the JK2 clan TeamWookiee)

Hey, if your looking for a clan come check us out. We're in the process of adding a JKA server as we have been a JK2 clan since Nov 2005. We've decided to open our doors to JKA though, since JK2 doesn't have many ppl left to recruite. We've also moved our homepage to the url above. We're still working on a few things, but it is close to being complete.

So if you want to join, go to our homepage and click "join us" and fill out the membership form :deal: . And we'll add you to our members list. If you want you can also send us a picture of yourself to add to your profile. One other thing, any members that join now, are eligible to be clan moderators! We would like someone to help in recruitment and other important jobs. If you don't want to be a moderator you don't have to be.