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30th April 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Looking to join a different JK2 clan? One who's not afarid to get down and use weapons to blast each other apart. If so, Obsidian Dragon is the clan for you. It's been around since the dawn of JK2 and has now expanded into JK3. We are currently on a recuriting trip bring new and more members in to make the experience even better than it already is. You can check out our servers. Our server IP's are listed at: Http://www.obsidiandragon.net/JK2/servers.php Feel free to drop by and looking around to form an opinion about the clan. Our members are super friendly and always willing to help you. If you are interested in joining, the website is http://www.obsidiandragon.net Just go there and follow the simply join instructions listed on the side. If your a clan seeking to challenge a clan, OD is your clan. We're up for any challenge from full force to guns guns and more guns. You can contact me VIA MSN - [email="Mara_Jade_@MSN.com"]Mara_Jade_@MSN.com[/email] YIM - Marajadetheassassin or AIM - Sniper Kitt3n and my e-mail is [email="Livia@yahoo.com"]Livia@yahoo.com[/email] Drop by our servers and get to know our clan. If you have any questions about joining or your interested in fighting OD you can send me a PM or e-mail me at [email="Livia@yahoo.com"]Livia@yahoo.com[/email] Thanks, OD-Kalia Obsidian Dragon :0wned: