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#1 13 years ago

Cobra here from http://pownedinc.com we are looking to have a multi function community for clam members or just regulars to come an hang out an play online we are mostly a general online gaming community for FPS gamers to Console game players! We pervide downloads of all types patche's demos an free ware.

The clan side of our community has the -*PwN*- Tag's on there names. We run a Ventrilo server We run all games off of a dedicated server here's a current list or games running Battlefield2 (Ranked Server 64 slots) Battlefield2 Sandbox (Unranked server 64 slots) Day of defeat source (Running admin plugin Mani_mod) Counterstrike source (Running mani_mod as well) More servers (engines) To be uploaded soon!

Contacts are...

Founder/Admin/Owner/Vent admin

-*PwN*- Cobra AIM: fordtek2007 MSN: [EMAIL="pownedinc@hotmail.com"]pownedinc@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] E-mail: [EMAIL="cobra@pownedinc.com"]cobra@pownedinc.com[/EMAIL] Xfire: fuzzycobra Ventrilo: Port 4041

Co Founder/Admin/Vent admin

-*PwN*- H1TT3R AIM: MSN: E-mail: [EMAIL="H1TT3R@pownedinc.com"]H1TT3R@pownedinc.com[/EMAIL] Xfire: SUPER62HEAVY Ventrilo: Port 4041

Admin II/Vent admin/Moderator

-*PwN*- Kebakev AIM: kebakev15 MSN: [EMAIL="farris_666@hotmail.com"]farris_666@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] E-mail: [EMAIL="kebakev@pownedinc.com"]kebakev@pownedinc.com[/EMAIL] Xfire: flotkevin Ventrilo: Port 4041


-*PwN*- Martinhh AIM: MSN: [EMAIL="martin_hovden_hareide@hotmail.com"]martin_hovden_hareide@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] E-mail: [EMAIL="Martinhh@pownedinc.com"]Martinhh@pownedinc.com[/EMAIL] Xfire: Martinhh Ventrilo: Port 4041

All members accepted!

Thank you Powned.Inc council

Cobra. H1TT3R. Zee89.