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#1 19 years ago

We have been around, supporting online gaming for 5 years. We have a team-based system that will allow us up to 3 teams when we get enough members.

1) For league play (The professionals)

2) For league play training. (You would take the place of missing professionals for league matches. Serious practice matches.)

3) Just for fun.

ICQ or Mirc required. This is for instant contact; we use it to give last minute instructions about servers and passwords. It’s a hoot for visiting too. It’s available here

Membership is free, no hassles. Show up when you can or when you want to.

Come look us over. We are a no hassle Clan. All we want to do is have fun. We are more than just a web page check out our forums. That's where 99% of the activity is.

Now YOU can "OWN" a server too! Learn how to tweak your game and your internet connection for optimum results.

Learn the force powers to defeat your enemies, we show you how!

If you need Saber training, heh, heh well we will teach you the art of Saber combat.

The IRG supports many other games including. Counter Strike, SW Galactic Battlegrounds & Return to Castle Wolfenstein.


I didn't make it!

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#2 19 years ago

Hi, How can i join i dont see somehting like that on ur web page... Do i have to post something in the forum???



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#3 19 years ago

Go here:

Fill it out and then submit it :D