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26th November 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Hello to all JK clans out there. I'm Drahcir one of the admins and founder of the newly established Jedi Knights Clan Nation. Right now we are in the recruiting stages and we're looking for great JK clans to come and register for the JKCN. Clans that become members of the JKCN, will likely have a leg up on recruitement and will be able to talk with people and clans from all over the JK world. We are open to all JK clans.

The purpose of the JKCN and my dream for it is this. My hope is that the JKCN will help to pull the JK communtity together and let people from many different clans meet. There are sections on the forums for clan leaders to discuss topics. There are sections for clans to form alliances. There is a section for setting up multi-clan battles and tournements, and much much more. Our hope for the Jedi Knights Clan Nation is that it will help to pull good JK clans together and we hope it will be a great tool for meeting new people and crossing clan boundaries.

We think, and our sincere hope is that clans that join the JKCN will benefit greatly from being part of this community. We also have a listing of all registered clans. This will allow people who aren't part of a clan, to maybe go and find a clan they like. So the JKCN should be a useful recruitment tool as well. So far in the first 5 days we've been running, we've had 38 people join, 7 clans (4 JK2 and 3 JKA), and nearly 700 posts. Two of the clans that have joined are rather large: TeamWookiee from JK2 and the Jawa Clan from JKA. Everyone that has join so far has liked it. So I hope some of you come by and say hello. We'd love to have you be a part of the JKCN community.

The admin and moderators, although we are members of various clans, are committed to being impartial towards particular clans.

So if you're a clan leader and you want to join this great new community just register for the forums and fill out a registration form and post it in a new thread.:) One more thing, the JKCN is not only open to clans, it's definately open to any and all individuals even if you clan isn't registered with the JKCN.

Here's the url for now: