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#1 16 years ago

Well anyway... it's me... a Zip... one hated by a clan, known as M0H (I call them Moogles of Horror, but I think it's Men Of honor) I don't know why they have that name, because they really don't act like it. Well anyway... they are the biggest clan on GameSpyArcade, and probably the worst. I've never really liked them, but anyway... here is why I was here...

<[WeEd]> ok goodlcuk <[WeEd]> uc <_-FWF-Zip> hahaha <_-FWF-Zip> He was owned <_-FWF-Zip> newbie M0H <_-FWF-Zip> watch KRD come in and say I lost <_-FWF-Zip> and forfieted <_-FWF-Zip> how much do you want to bet? <_-FWF-Zip> anyone <_-FWF-Zip> KR-DReJ will come in u won zip? <[M0H]-KR-DreJ> zip p[layed on a modded server, LOL <_-FWF-Zip> saying I lost <_-FWF-Zip> dude <_-FWF-Zip> I didn't use the moves that were modded <[M0H]-KR-DreJ> zip p[layed on modded server, M0H plays in official patches only <[M0H]-KR-DreJ> no modded crap r u stupid? <_-FWF-Zip> dude <_-FWF-Zip> it was modded? <[M0H]-KR-DreJ> yup <_-FWF-Zip> because you can't spin in bs <_-FWF-Zip> and can't lunge <_-FWF-Zip> that's easy to remove <[M0H]-KR-DreJ> doesnt matter, its noy official patch <[M0H]-KR-DreJ> LOL <_-FWF-Zip> it wasn't a mod <_-FWF-Zip> moron <{Dark}Demon> lol <_-FWF-Zip> demon <_-FWF-Zip> I did bet right? <[M0H]-KR-DreJ> 1.03 unless raven releases another official patch <_-FWF-Zip> what is he saying <_-FWF-Zip> I lost <[M0H]-GrimZone> u used deadly saber durr\] <{Dark}Demon> yup, u did <[M0H]-KR-DreJ> didnt say u lose, said u played on modded server <_-FWF-Zip> I didn't use the modded moves <_-FWF-Zip> and plus <_-FWF-Zip> how was I supposed to know <[M0H]-KR-DreJ> we only play official patch servers, sorry zip

This is one thing that any decent player would do... ADMIT DEFEAT.... did they? no they just kept arguing how the server was modded, I've never heard how deadly saber mod was used to change the moves.

Well anyway, I'm just here going to get this clan known, so you people don't join them.

If you would like me to give you a screenshot of it happening, please IM me on AIM (sn; ZipSim864) or email me [email][/email].

Well I think that they should be left alone, and even better, to you people out there looking for a clan don't join them.

Please post here, if you think I'm wrong in this situation (don't think I am, they've don't this to practically everyone I know that has beaten them)

All I'm saying is that anyone that uses GameSpy, should watch out for M0H when looking for clan.

Oh yeah one more thing... if you think I'm wrong, 3 days ago, my clan was 10 strong, now it's 3 small, and yes M0H did that


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#2 16 years ago

man dude that sux you could startr a faction or I could join your clan I really only play jkii though


I didn't make it!

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#3 16 years ago

I read you loud and clear...that guy probably couldn't take a hint that your better than him and he said you cheated. don't let stuff like that bug you man.:assimilate: :furious: