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#1 13 years ago

Right now I'm working on a re skin of the HTTE Luke to something more imaginative then that of those in the comics and the series alike.

One of many improvements I've been trying to work in is adding a beard and possibly having the face updated to be more accurate much like Toshi's Luke, though probably won't get that lucky as I'm still new at this. Which is another reason i come here, to possibly find people that are willing to guide me through learning texturing and the like, and constructive criticism as well.

So far this is what I've come up with, though hardly any of it is my work past putting it together on this model.


That would be Hapslashe's tunic and the leggings from boots of a Clone Emperor model, and the boots from the original luke, which I hope to improve as well.

Here is a outlike of what im possibly thinking, but maybe there are better things to improve the overall detail and look of him instead but this is what im thinking so far:


Past that the hair has some minor annoyances:


See the way it blocks in the middle, and cuts down the middle fakishly on the top? Yeah.

I was working on a buckle much like Darth Cadeus's but it turned out fouly 5 times in a row so I'm thinking of taking new direction with the buckle.

Any ideas or help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I'd also appreciate not to post unless you think you can be of help if its not too much to ask.