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16th July 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I imported a JKA skeleton with Tags.XSI into 3ds Max 5, made my new animation with davinci pose as the first frame, exported it as an xsi file. Perhaps I shouldn't have used the one with tags... but I can't get to a point where I'd know I did the wrong thing. I'm just having a major pain in the ass now. I try to open it with carcass, I've tried to open it with assimilate. I'm just completely at a loss what to do next, which is idiotic, I know, because it was all right in front of me on the thread where you get GlaMerge. I remember that I was supposed to cut the path down to something minimal, but I didn't get it... and can't look it up now. (For some reaosn I can't access Lucasforums, I'm blaming Comcast. It might take a while to get it through my thick skull, but could you please help me out if you have the time? I'm on to something really killer, if I don't keep getting snagged along the way and give up. I've been at this (with a lack of sleep) for hours and I'm probably just missing something really simple. If the tags turn out to be a nightmare, I can always import a new skeleton without them, or just delete the tags and re-export it. I'm open to any suggestion.