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13th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hi , Can anyone tell me what the parameters described in the effects folder mean ? How do i make my own rather than modify ? :confused:

How do i create mods ? pls help .

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P.S: Can u use Modview for weapons and sabers also ?



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13th March 2003

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#2 16 years ago

To answer your last question, I'll quote my old post:

N3G1@It's not a fact of difficult or easy thing. It's just that many modders started with opening the Data files. They are those "assetsx.PK3" files in your W:\JAdirectory\gamedata\base folder. The pk3 file is just a zip file, so as usual it can be opened with winzip or with every other software that can open zip files. Many other ppl (me too) prefer using Pakscape, a SMALLL software that allows you to open and save ZIP, PK3, and PAK (daikatana and Quake2, I think). The main difference is that with winzip you'll see all the files, with details (such as size, file format, and most important: the path). With Pakscape you'll see the PK3 files such as folders. Inside the pk3 files there are other folders and many files. The main thing you can do is: open a PK3 file, look at the images (jpgs, tgas, and pngs) find whatever you want and modify it. (they might be menu screens, skins, or whatever). Anyways. Once you modified them save them on your desktop with the same name, then create a new pk3 and make the same directory structure of the file you modified (for instance: if you modified the models\players\kyle\head.jpg, you'll save the modified file as head.jpg on your desktop, then make a new pk3 with this directory: "models\players\kyle". Then put the modified file in it.) The other thing you can do is trying to understand the text files. Don't look for txt files (there are few of them). Look mainly for CFG, SAB, NPC, STR, MENU. Open them, look at them, and try to modify values, or commands. The most complicated thing is understanding MENU files, but Jaedenruiner did an excellent tutorial, in a thread somewhere, here, I think. At last you could get 3dsmax trial for modelling, GTKradiant for mapping, and the JA MP SDK for more help on modding. I hope this is enough for you edited - I FORGOT! IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR TUTORIALS FOR MAPPING THERE'S A THREAD IN THE MAPPING & SKINNING FORUM, WITH A LIST OF THE BEST AMPPING TUTORIALS. AND YOU'LL BE ABLE TO FIND IN THAT FORUM TOO A LOT OF HELP FOR MODELLING...

In the effects folders there are no parameters, they're EFX files. You can open them by using EffectsED, which can be found in both JA and JK2 SDKs edited - This was a reply for JA, so don't use the JA SDK, but look for both JK2 SDK!