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#1 19 years ago

OKay I just got 3d Studio Max, but now I have like now clue...well I can do somethings...but not the way I want there anything out there that will help me make like Saber hilts, like a document that explains the basics of making your own lightsaber hilt...


I didn't make it!

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#2 19 years ago

after playing with this program...I learned a lot in like 5 catchin' on quick! anyone out there who thinks they can't do it...just try it out and dont give up you will learn quick..just give me a week and I will put out a Document about making Saber Hilts (But only in 3D Studio Max r3.1)....


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#3 19 years ago

For modling perpouses, Hash animation master is REALLY good and REALLY easy to use, especially to design hilts