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16th June 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Hi there,

I have (again) a model request - and it should be a player-model.

I'm working on a Single- AND Multiplayer-MOD for Jedi Outcast. (Those of you who liked Timothy Zahn's Thrawn-trillogie ("Heir to the Empire" "Dark Force Rising" "The Last Command") may be exited about it ;) ) Well I'm putting the story of Zahn's Thrawn-Trillogie into a playable JK2-MOD and I stumbled over scripting the Myrkyr-mission, because an essential element is missing: The Vornskrs The mission would be quite boring without them (for those who haven't read the book: Luke and Mara are fighting their way through a big forest - chased by Vornskrs and force-blocked by Ysalamiris). Well and the model I ask for is a Vornskr player-model; that should look like the Vornskrs in the DarkHorse Comic-books: vornskr.jpg

I know there are less player-model-makers out there, then md3-modelers. And in this case it's quite more of a challenge, cause animation must be done (except it'd be possible to use the Howler-animation from JKA), but I hope there is someone out there who will sacrifice himself to this project...

So would anyone be so kind and make the model for me? If you need pictures, I have enough...

Big thanks in advance! :bows: I know it's a time-consuming job.