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#1 17 years ago

like if i make a map with radient and i want to make a capture the flag... how do i make it a capture the flag and where are the flag positions.

p.s. how do i differ the red pop up points from blue pop up points



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#2 17 years ago

I've attached a picture with this message.. Right click to get that menu and go to the "team" option. here you have team_CTF_blueflag team_CTF_blueplayer team_CTF_bluespawn

team_CTF_redflag team_CTF_redplayer team_CTF_redpawn

The "team_CTF_(color)flag" entities are your two flags. Place them where you like.

The "team_CTF_(color)spawn" are the spawn points. You can specify where the team will spawn. So you will put the 'bluespawn' entities in the blue base, and the 'redspawn' entities in the red base.

That's like the most basics of it :D If you need more help ask away:)

EXiT ps. the technical term for "pop up" is 'spawn' ;) hehe, good word though :lol: