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4th October 2004

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This is for those people who say "Manslayer, make a tut about how you did this and that" well here's the tut, and it works for more than just one thing: -----Well, first of all, if you want to change the way the shots look, like the color, all you have to do is this: If you have a nice photo editing program, i use photo impression 4, then all you should do is find the "laser" image,, in the assets.pk3 file(the exact location in the pk3 is gfx\effects\nameofweapon_blob.tga), and if the program has an enhance function, just change the color by going to the "hue" slider and slide it in different directions, in order to change the color. Then save it as the gfx\effects\nameofweapon_blob.tga If you don't have a photo editing program, or it doesn't have that function, then you'll have to start from scratch, and make a whole new "laser". I use the program Autodesk animator to do this. If you don't have a copy of animator, you can also use a photo editing program, or paintshop, or even windows paint(it just won't look as good). Well what you have to do is find out what the size of the "laser" image is, in the assets.pk3 file(the exact location in the pk3 is gfx\effects\nameofweapon_blob.tga). Now what you do is you start an image with the size of the image. Now you take a "line tool" and you draw a line straight up, a big line, depending on how big you want the shot to be, this one should be the color or "glow" of the shot. Then you make another line, around half size of that one, and this one must be white, unless you want a multi-color shot. Now save it as you would have above. The following above work for editing sabers and other objects. Changing the shot "effect": This one goes for changing the shot to be fire, lightning, etc. Now this one is totally different, but, yet it is sooo much more easier. Open the assets0.pk3 file. Now, go into the effects\name_of_weapon\shot.efx, do not open that file. Now all we are going to do is find the file of the thing we want it to do, well if you want to shoot lightning, fire, etc. you just go into the effects folder again. Now, which one do you want... For lighting, you look all over that screen for the lightning.efx (for other effects, if you can't find it there, look in all the subfolders, till you find what you like). Now, you extract this from the assets0.pk3 file, and rename it shot.efx. Now create a new pk3 file, and in it put the folders effects\name_of_weapon, and there you put the shot.efx file. If you want to change the effect when it hits the wall, flesh, etc. look in the weapons effect folder for the name of the efx file that makes that effect and rename the file (in this case lightning.efx) to effect_name.efx. One more thing, if you just want to make the effect of the weapon you are changing to have the effect of another weapon, just copy that weapons effect_name.efx, to the weapon you are changing's effect folder (ex. demp2's shot.efx file to the blaster's effect folder) The following above also work for saber impacts, and other effect files. Hopefully you will understand what i mean to say here and this will be of help to you.