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16th June 2005

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#1 13 years ago

i am making a mod that will add a new NPC:a jedi knight hutt!but.. it just doesn't work!!!! this is what i have done: 1.i created a "models" folder,in it i created "players",in it i created "jedihutt",in the "jedihutt" i put the model.glm and of the hutt model i was using. 2.i creadet a "ext_data" folder ,with hutt.npc file in it. the .npc file looked like this:

Jedihutt { playerModel jedihutt saberColor purple rank lt reactions 4 aim 4 move 3 aggression 3 evasion 4 intelligence 5 playerTeam player enemyTeam enemy class jedi yawSpeed 130 walkSpeed 50 runSpeed 200 snd hutt sndcombat hutt sndjedi hutt health 230 dismemberProbHead 0 dismemberProbArms 0 dismemberProbLegs 0 dismemberProbHands 0 dismemberProbWaist 0 }

3.i put models 'n' ext_data folders in the pk3 file.i put the pk3 in the gamedata\base directory. WTF have i done wrong pls help me!you can have it as soon as i fix outlook express!!!

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15th March 2005

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#2 13 years ago

The NPC file needs to be in ext_data/npcs