Idea for a mod /or for JediMod Maker to constider -1 reply

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#1 18 years ago

I m no expert or anything i'd just luke to share an idea i thought of :D

:rock: JediMod :rock: but just a few things why i don't use on my server everytime i do something and/or enable two handed sabers it gives every one cl_ errors bad clients / invalid pk3's .. :( ......i prefer to use Vulcanus Admin Mod :dance: (not for dual sabers just for the mear fact that it shows/broadcasts rules to every one that joins and you can type rules and it shows them .

So maybe if some one /or the makers could make a admin mod/client mod conbind that has Vulcanus Admin Mods rules with JediMod's daber etc changes and the slapping etc from JK2++/or Vulcanus Admin Mod