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#1 16 years ago

Hello all,

I'm in the middle of construction of a SP mod for JK2 and was wondering what you all thought? Pretty much the jist of the story is Jacen Solo just after the YJK (Young Jedi Knights) novels and throught the NJO (New Jedi Order). If anyone has any imput or ideas of any kind such as locations models and saber hilts. My objectives with this mod are listed below.

*********** OBJECTIVES ***********

Have the ability to use two lightsabers at once. Visit many of the planets and characters we have yet to see in movies and comics. Create a bunch of Lightsaber hilts. (Jacen's, Jaina's, Anakin's, and others) Model the Yuzzan Vong and there crack headed weapons. And make a fun and ejoyable mod.