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#1 13 years ago

I made a simple map for a friend of mine and I to play on called Jedipong. I used GTK radiant 1.5 for Jedi Outcast and had the project settings set to Multiplayer and it went smooth, I created a pk3 file out of it with all the right directories (scripts, levelshots, textures, maps, music, shaders) and filled them in appropriately (jedipong.arena, Jedipong.jpg, textures, jedipong.bsp, Stream of conciousness.mp3, and empty, respectively). The map will run fine when i put the .bsp file into jk2/gamedata/base/maps and use console \devmap jedipong, but when I put the pk3 file into the base folder and try to create server, my map isnt there. My .arena file is

{ map "Jedipong" longname "Jedipong" type "ffa duel" }

So I should see it under both the FFA and duel gametypes, right? But its not under any of the categories. Any suggestions?