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#1 16 years ago

:rock: Hello! :rock: I want to know haw to Put an md3 File into a PK3 File! i had a Map, in a md3 File But JK II only Get PK3 files! Infackt of that, Must I know How to Put md3 files into PK3 fieles! If you now that please told me!




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#2 16 years ago

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're saying but...

to make maps you must use Radiant (found in the SDK at: )

To use .md3's in a map you first open radiant, right click on the grid, go to "misc > misc_model" and then a window will open asking for the .md3 location.. press "cancel". There is another window open called "Entity window" or something, put these values:

Key : model Value : models/map_objects/foldername/modelname.md3

Just remember, in your 'base' folder, make a folder called "models". In the "models" folder, make another folder called "map_objects". In that folder make another folder called anything you like (for example "ming"). Then inside that folder put your .md3.. (let's say the .md3 is called ming.md3)

So your value will now look like this:

Value : models/map_objects/ming/ming.md3



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#3 16 years ago

and if you want to distribute this model with your map put that models folder inside your mymap folder with your scripts and maps folder etc. and zip it up, then change the zip extension to pk3. If it is a model that is included with the game then you need only enter the path in the entity window


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#4 16 years ago

i see that u are an old mapper like me;)