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#1 12 years ago

Every one who mods knows the Forcemod right? Not sure which version it is, but one of the Forcemods has a saber color editor. It sucked! The colors where never unique. So I downloaded Enhanced Sabers, and the color changer on it allowed you to change the color of the core AND the glow, giving the lightsabers some Uniqueness. One problem, the two mods clashed. I'm an amature modder, (not the best) I tried to combine the two into the Forcemod's PK3, but I run into a problem. ONE file kept me from completeing my goal (cgame.qvm). I was able to do it, but with Enhanced Sabers version, the game would crash with an error (saying somthing about a registered sound not being avalible) at times such as using Force Speed, and some saber tricks. So I put the Force Mod's version of the file into the PK3. and the saber blade would be made of a line of "Shader" squares. I was hoping some-1 who had devoted thier life to helping dazed and confused people like me could tap into the Cgame.qvm file and combine the two mods (the Forcemod's force abilities, and the Enhanced Saber's saber options) Any-1 up the challage?BTW. I was not intending on redoing the mods and calling them my own. The would be stealing, and stealing is wrong, right? I was doing nothing more than trying to make the game more fun for ME. I would give credit to the Authors of the mods, but I can't remember their name. Lord Corwin


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#2 12 years ago

Have you tryed JediMod? Its a shame no JO servers run it. Its basicly like JA+ (may it be shot by a twelve gauge) except for a few features:

-None of those retarded grappling hooks (oh god thank you) -You can only RGB in Jedi+ mod, but you can RGB in team games as well (think of a purple saber and your on the blue team) -You can get 2 sabers or a staff saber (or two staffs) but they are cheats. -Duels are a little less buggy (offering you to spread out more) -Duels can have multiple rounds (yes I've done it) -Emotes -FFs -Gun Duels -Administrator Commands -Fixes several bugs in JO -Hilt Selection -Sizes -And many more!!


Jedi+ Mod

And YES these are JO mods