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#1 16 years ago

Hello all. I'm looking for a person who will make this mod I have in mind that is based on features from the JediMod. The mod has to be one that is "Server Side Only" So as that anyone can join my server and use these cool features as binds. The features I want from the JediMod put into a new mod are as follows

Levitating Lightsaber Spin Taunt Sitting Kissing Bot Support Extra Stances Double Bladed (Darth Maul Style) Lightsaber (for bots as well) -------------------------------------

Everything else from the JediMod I do not want, just the features list above, I want it so those actions can be binded without having a server cheat enabled and also so anyone without the mod can join my server anyway and bind those features to thier own keys to use them. Basically as I said, a "Server Side Only" file or mod. Not sure about this stuff

The JediMod itself is found HERE (Click Here) And the source code for this mod (if this makes the task any easier) is found HERE (Click Here)

Thank You in advance! I REALLY want this mod made!