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26th July 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hey all its RuFio here. You may or may not recognize me from the servers...but this is my first post and i need some help. I have read RichDiesels and other tutorials on mapping. I have been practicing for about a month now and have become very effective at making maps (20 practice at least). I hav ethe functions down pretty much...but i am a bit confused on the WorldSpawn and how to add music to my map. Pressing N with no brushes selected brings up the Worldspawn and there is a music option. But i dont know how to find the music on my comp that are WAV files and make them play as looping music. In addition to this, i cant find the music in WAV format for JA...not even in game/base/music folder. So if anyone can tell me how to add music i appreciate it since chances are im close but i am doing something wrong. In addition, if some1 could sum up how to put all my files into pakscape id appreciate it. Heres what i need if possible 1. how to add music in WAV format. 2. how to put my map together to send to JK2Files If all goes well loook for my map Space Castle soon. :flag: Thanks



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16th November 2003

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#2 16 years ago

1. Make .mp3 If song has 7 MB in wav, it is short and has 500kb in mp3 To convert vaw to mp3: Use "rippers" or "ripping programs". You can find really lot of them on the web.

2. Make new directory on disk C:\ or D:\, wherever you make mods, called "mymods" In that directory make new mod called "mymapname" (of course change it to your map name). Make there next directory called "maps". Put your .bsp there. Go back one level (to "mymapname"), make directory "music", put your song there, go back again, make direcory "levelshot" and put there .jpg with screensot from your level * Go back again and make directory "scripts" and put there .arena file of your map You can put custom textures if you have some, put bot support (recommended) etc. Then add all directories from C:\Mymods\mymapname to the winzip, then rename the .zip file to .pk3 file (if you had, rename it to castle.pk3).

That's it

P.S. * You must use some graphics program to rescale screenshot to 512x512 or 1024x1024. Then game will resize it to user's resolution.