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:deal: I offer my services to all map makers out there looking for some good testers. I and a freidn of mines have made a point to test any map we have dled so far. I offer my services to all who need it. I will test maps for any bugs, glitches, etc. I will look to whether the map has any areas you get stuck. I usually try to get onto everything building or any place i can. I usually test falling distances on certain areas, etc. One of my favourite maps was the irg coruscant. Althoughi was not asdked to test it once it came out i thoroughly went throguh it with my friend and so far we have found no glitches, been on every building, and testing falling distances. We prefer bigger maps but samll ones will do (bigger maps require more testing). If you would like to use my services contact [email][/email]. I will not cehck the forum often so my email is a good bet. :cya: