Need some help about blurglow & blurcore! -1 reply

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I didn't make it!

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#1 14 years ago

[COLOR=Red]I have are problem ,,,,,:([/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]I play Dueler's Mod for jk2 & edited it something ,,, i don't like the new blurglow & new blurcore...


This is custom saber in Dueler's Mod :( i want use the custom blurglow & blurcore !! plz help!![/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red] [/COLOR][COLOR=Red]When I not use tck saber,how can I edit the blurglow & blurcore[/COLOR][COLOR=Navy][COLOR=Red] to custom stative?? i try to edit so many times...but i fizzle out./// who can help me?? plz... :'([/COLOR] [COLOR=Red] [COLOR="Blue"]Click here to download >>Dueler's Mod>>(via me edited versions)[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]