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#1 17 years ago

A new version has been released of my mod, JK2: The Fan's Version. 1.1b is now available at and . Here is a list of the changes since version 1.0:

Features added in 1.1b: -the wait time between using force lightning and force drain again, has been removed, but this can be re-enalbed with the g_forcenerf cvar -bugfix: rocket speed isn't so slow anymore -bugfix: force animations no longer so fast after using grapple -bugfix: force lightning and force drain now work properly

Features added in 1.1: -dual bladed sabers can now be enabled for bots with g_botdualblade cvar -ability to flip off a wall and wall run from the air -g_flipheight and g_wallrunheight cvars added to control height player is propelled in the moves -g_wallrunspeed cvar added so server admin can control the speed at which players wall run -Tchouky's RGB saber code added (can make saber any color with cvars) UI included under setup to change saber color -flips defaultly push you farther and higher from wall to flip over players -g_startinghealth cvar added to control the starting/max health of players -g_healthcountdown cvar added to control wether healths counts down when over the max health limit -any shot from a disruptor rifle that kills somebody will now disintegrate -Ask's grapple code implemented, given more "force like" look and it has also been balanced by now using up force (it is defaulty off; use g_grapple 1 to turn it on if you are server admin; clients can use it by hitting the USE key) -g_grapple, g_dualblade, g_shield, g_botdualblade and g_olddamge added to server info (downside is server must restart to change cvars)

Go to the FanMod JK2 Server section at to find out how to join the Official FanMod server which is always running the latest version. You can connect with the old version and it will download the new version and you should be able to play. The server ranking and stats are also available at the website.