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#1 16 years ago

hey ther guys i just wanted to give some 1 out there an idea for a model (yes i tried making it myself but due to me being an utter noob to modeling it failed miserably) i realy want some 1 to make a geonosian warrior the bug like species from ep.II.

I think it would be an intresting model to make and im sure if it was animated a little aswell (im thinking wings spread when it jumps..nothing too complex...well i dont know it may be) but if that isnt possible i would still love to see this creature running about with a lightsaber (an intresting array of sounds could be used for it aswell).

i do have experience in skinnig (if provided the skinmap of course) and i would of course give all the glory to the person who makes it (i just want this charactor!!).

thanks in advance to who ever takes this task on !