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In the beginning, I want to sorry for my bad english ;)

And now: Is here on this forum someone, who is interested in making mods to JK2? I ask, because me and my friend have a idea - we want to make something called Academy Mod. But not something like JA Mod. This mod have to be like Padawans presentation in the SW world.

I think it isn't difficult. I mean: this mod must have something like this: when two people are dueling, damage are normal, but if one of them have one last HP point, he is not dying, but for this person is turning on emot /amkneel, and after few seconds /amkneel are turning off. All of this is to Jedi Masters from our clan can know who is better in fighting, but without killing other Padawan - something like training lightsabers.

Thanks in advance and please for help