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#1 16 years ago

i have been making a map on jk2 rad for quite some time now, and it is practically finsished. However as i started looking around for ways to get it online is realized that it was made as a single player map! Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to change my map from SP mode to MP mode, even if it means some things will not be the same. Thanks alot.

Also try to be specific on how to do it, and its for JK2 Radiant not gtk. :D


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#2 16 years ago

even though i cant help i was wondering what programs are you using to make your map?



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#3 16 years ago

He is using JK2Radiant to make maps.. it can be downloaded in the SDK here:

To make a map for MP do the following: 1. Go to your "Tools" folder.. should be in "GameData/Tools" 2. Find 2 files called: SP_entities.def MP_entities.txt

3. RENAME BOTH files to this: SP_entities.txt MP_entities.def

4. Restart Radiant

Now you should have all the right files :D Important note: you MUCH remove all entitites SP related from your map - this includes spawn points, or any kind of scripting or anything.. try to just leave lights and doors and those kind of generic things on.

When you're put in your MP entities (like weapons and ammo, powerups, etc.) just re-compile :)