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18th October 2007

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#1 13 years ago

i was wondering if there was any kind of skins with resident evil i searched but didnt find any at all. If any of you know of any RE skins for jk2 could you give me a link or somthing



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6th November 2005

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#2 13 years ago

A long, long time ago, in an internets far far away...

Yes. There existed a Jill model which was quite impressive at the time of its release, but wasn't placed on any major file site. I remember seeing it on the creators website... maybe upwards of 3 years ago last, but the site was german. I think the creator was Sebacre or something very similar to that.

In addition, there are two (2) rather cruddy leon kennedy skins in circulation as of now, but one just looks like kyle with a parka on, and the other looks like Dante from DMC in a robe. Maybe with the release of the next two games in the series, some modelers will step up and make us good ones though :)