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#1 19 years ago

Hey. I know there's tons of requests for skins out there, most of them actually damn good ideas.. but there's one I think all of us would like to see (aside from Yoda) : those red-garbed dudes from RotJ who protected the Emperor. I mean, Palpantine was old geezer, but he was hard as nails : those guards who were tasked to protect him musta been hard an'all (according to the official SW site, they were elite Stormtroopers (eqv. SEAL/SAS?) who were given even more special training - Imagine those guys with a sabre in their hands)! :)

Anyone fancy doing that? Yeah, I know, I should do it myself.. but I've tried. I'm basically shite. LOL! I'll admit that. You lot out there aren't. Realise the dreams of those who can't. :/

Cheers Dredd, Darth (esq.)


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#2 19 years ago

althougb i would like to see the crimson guard (i believe that's what they're called) i'd rather see other models first, but if any good artists have spare time and want to make one then i'm not gonna object, BTW i believe the crimson guard was also elite cause they were all force sensitive like mara jade