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#1 16 years ago

Can anyone help me on making a sp mod??? I want to make one or just edit another so i can make it possible to play as darth vader. Ive tried almost everything i can think of. I tried to edit the Vader MP model and change it into a kyle sp model. I tried to edit the mod that changes desann to vader and make it work on kyle instead... It didnt work. I tried to edit other mod's that enabled other players (jango, desann, boba, etc...) and use vaders model for kyle instead of whoever.. It didnt work. Either im doing something wrong that i dont know about. Or Im forgetting something. In either case: i need you people's help!!! if you have made a sp mod on your own and can help me please respond. Please???!


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#2 16 years ago

i wouldn't for the life of me know how, but i think you'll have more luck if you post on the modding and editing forum


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#3 16 years ago