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3rd August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

now guys, i been thinking about this for ages and i like the idea but im pretty sure im not gonna get a great response but anyway ill hit you with it, its a total conversion mod, reflecting the origional trilogy for jk2, ill hit you with what ive come up with so far,

the characters jan- leia Mon mothma- admiral ackbar shadowtroppers- royal guards lando- han Reelo- Jabba bartender- bib fortuna (twi'lek) desann- vader Luke- Yoda rebornboss-boba fett tavion- mara jade kyle- luke Unvested rodians-ponda babas(aqualish) reborn-cant think of a fitting replacement mogan-old ben or old ben ghost

some models lady luck- millenium falcon ravens claw- x-wing

some levels yavin final-death star (emperors throne room) the swamps- endor other ideas spawn a chewie with han on nar shadaa , taking a heap of sound files from the origional trilogy and throw them onto the game, eg. ackbar talking about the attack on the death star, rescuing jan(leia) perfect rip from ep 4, chewie using bowcaster, han using dl-44 now i know a mod such as this would be a hell A HELL of a lot of work and it would be more than just a replacement mod and anyone whod be willing to work on it, would be able to say they part of the team that made the best damm outcast mod ever, if i could model and skin id do it but i dont know where to begin, i dont have the software, and ive read tutorials and they dont help much, the good thing is quite a few of the models have been done and i wouldnt have ppl work on this mod if it wasnt with permission from the various authors, so yeah let me know what you think