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#1 16 years ago


I am working on a SP map and i have released 6 screenshots on my homepage, goto http://www.ravenlord.com to have a look..

I will release lots of prefabs also if anyone shows interest.

Comments on the Screens are welcome!

the link to de_metro was just a leftover from the page that JKII Section replaced. It was a map for the Half-Life Mod Counterstrike.(now history)

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#2 16 years ago

Imperial_outpost looks nice from teh screenies m8!

However that link to de_metro.zip, what is that?

And drop [email]news@jk2files.com[/email] an email and we will prolly mention it in thhe news, unless an admin picks it up here

*screams EXiT* :D

good job, m8, :thumbsup: any idea when it's gonna be done? :D

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