Star Wars Vs Star Trek Mahinima series. Help needed for JKA portion. -1 reply

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2nd February 2007

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#1 13 years ago

Hi i have been making a Star Wars vs Star Trek Mahinima series called "New Threat". I already have a short prologue and 3 episodes: YouTube - New Threat-Prologue (folow the video responses to see evrything) Untill now i have been using only Star Trek: Bridge Commander, but i recently came up with the idea of also using JKA for some scenes so the series isnt just showing the ships and the view from the Sovereigns Bridge. I already have a few scenes on board the executor for the next episode but in the future i might add longer sequences featuring armed Starfleet officers clashing with Stormies breaking out of Prison etc. I need help from someone who: - Is acustom to reskining (if need be i can provide at least part of the needed textures in tga. format) - Knows how to make NPCs (tho if thats too much truble i can probably make NPC files myselfe) - Knows how to make weapon overwrides (I think i can aquire an apropriate model, so i only need someone to script it properly) If you're interested in helping me please send me a PM PS: Oh and please dont start ST vs SW rants here or under my vids.