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24th July 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Hi, I have (another) prob... I intented to experiment with .surf-files a bit. Lets consider the JAn character here. I noticed that if you type for instance: SurfOff"torso_belt" the belt is hidden right? In the model viewer, if you set this belt to be invisible, then a gap apears which was normally covered by that belt. So ... another part would have to be made visible to fill up that gap (I'm not sure how it is called, I think torso_hip or something) this is where I need the SurfOn command eh? So I type: SurfOff"torso_belt" SurfOn"torso_hip" I do it this way because I doubt all available parts are visible by default, so I have to set certain parts visible manually. So far my trick has not been so succusful( hiding parts is possible, but I'm stuck with the gaps ), maybe I have to put ';' at the end of each line? If you know what I can do ... don't hesitate:nodding: Thanks Tom


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31st May 2005

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#2 13 years ago

no i dont think its that maybe....u might have 2 actually make a hip lol and place it on her lol i dont skin i model a bit and map but anyways i dont no much about surf. files so cant help ya much sorry lol ...oh by the way sorry if i dont respond to much i dont usually visit the jk2 forums so yeah....