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#1 19 years ago

:mad: When i tried my skin i edited without makin it into a pk3 file it crashed before i could even find my icon.....before that.....i couldnt find my icon....wats up with that? Then i zipped it into pk3 file as u showed in an earlier postage and it still didnt game still crashed....i tried it on my own server (it wasnt a pure server neither) and it still crashed. IVE TRIED EVERYTHING!!! IM SO FRUSTRATED!!!!:mad: i dnt think i did that model_default thing right....i dunno how to point it to my edited files.....plz help....i really need u on this 1.


I didn't make it!

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#2 19 years ago

o yea and 1 more thing.....can u tell me exactly wat files i were supposed to originaly unzip?? i mean that guy told me jack shiit in his tutorial.

Now open up the .jpg and .tga files in that directory and modify whichever ones you want to, then save them out *under a different name*. When you do, find the name of the image file you modified in the new .skin file you copied and replace the name of the original image file with the name of the new one you just saved. (When we release the model viewer, you'll be able to preview your work).

whats he really sayin there? i got confused when he said find the file u edited in the new .skin file u do u open the new skin file i just created? Id love to send u the pk3 file i made.....its called "minion" a basis of darth markenus or watever his name is. i created it into a minion of some kind....i wanna see if it looks cool......its my first skin ever. plz help


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#3 19 years ago

send it to me and ill fix it for you my e-mail is [email][/email]