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#1 16 years ago

I'm going nuts here. I'm at the end of the cairn mission just entering the lizard guys ship (at least that's what I'm assuming it is) I'm thinking there is supposed to be a cut scene or something.. but anyways. When I walk in the door it gives me a datapad updated signal.. but then in the top corner it says something to the effect of.. "cannot load file-'scripts/4 +- b1' I can't remember the exact string, but it's something like that. At this point, kyle appears motionless in the middle of the room. If you walk to the windows you can see the lizard guy and luke fighting on a platform and luke getting killed! Then the guy taunts you for a while from a distance. I'm assuming you are supposed to see a realtime cut scene but the game just gets stuck at that point and I can't get out of the room. It's really annoying because I want to keep playing the game but can't go anywhere else from there. Please someone.. help!!

The game is the original retail version (unburned) and it hasn't been modified. I was having this problem before but completely formated my harddrive recently and reinstalled the game fresh. I'm running windows xp. I have an amd xp 1.4gig processor, Sound Blaster Live Platinum soundcard, and a G-force 4 Ti 4400 graphic card. Everything in my computer is pretty high end and doesn't have trouble with anything else. I'm clueless here.. any help? Thanks.