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#1 14 years ago

I've been getting into the modeling aspect of JA a lot more recently. Trying to download the most popular skins, I've gotten about 40-45 thusfar... Major problem... A lot of these REPLACE my old skins (or just make the old "original" models disappear!) Some make sense... A new Tusken Raider replaced the old one... Right... Boba Fett replaced my old Mandalorian... That's fine... But some make no sense... An old Jedi councel member replaced the model of the girl from the end of the game... They look nothing alike, yet he replaces her. I also notice when I have "too many" models, all the ones at the end of the list (such as the strormtrooper, ugnaught, weequay, etc) all disappear. As if they are being "pushed off the edge of the list" Is there a limit to how many models you can have in your Base folder? Is there a way to stop others from disappearing and being replaced? HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!


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#2 14 years ago

i had this problem too

one of the models/skins must be corrupt or incomplete so remove the new models and add them back into the dir one by one until u work out which is causing it, i think it was a kyle model that did it to me