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#1 17 years ago

I was running windows ME and it was horrible, but it ran JK2. So i formatted and loaded win2k pro. I install JK2. I go into multiplayer, try making a game and when i click begin it says Starting Up...

Here is the problem. It crashes and i get a box that says. The instruction at "0X05d91cd2" refrenced memory at "0x10e35008" The memory could not be written.

I have tried installing reinstalling, selecting diffrent types of games. I have the latest patch, 1.04. Here is what my system is: Epox 8kha+ Motherboard 1600+ XP AMD Athlon Processor 80GB WD Hard Drive Savage 4 32MB AGP Video Card 256 MB Crucial Memory Windows 2000 Pro

Any replies will be appreciated. Thanks.