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#1 14 years ago

uhh please help. I havnt played jk2 in a while,i uninstalled it now i installed it. I downloaded a decent patch but many times i look on multyplayer i see NO servers what so ever. I added jediknight2 server and its up and running but it says it not up for me. If there is a download/patch to crack this,please tell me.But when i really wana play multyplayer abselutly no servers are up.Which my friends say there are but i cant see any.. Thanks for reading.


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#2 14 years ago

Firewall? Router? Either of those ring a bell?

A Router, or Firewall could be blocking JK2 from the internet. You will need to check, and adjust the settings.

Before we can tell you how to do that, we need to know WHAT router, or firewall your using. So don't ask how, without providing that info.