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#1 13 years ago

Sorry for askin this in this forum but the JK2 boards are hardly active, i did not wish to wait a week for an answer.

Basically i have a custom map rotation going on a JK2 server and it works fine. My problem is that when the server has been empty and the timelimit hits it does not cycle to the next map, and if you then try to enter the server you get a connection interrupted message, when you click the mouse it then loads the next map.

This does not happen when there are players in the server, the rotation works perfectly, but only when the server is empty does this happen. I tried keeping a bot in there but it doesnt help.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide and again, sorry for posting this in the wrong forum but i hope u can understand that the JK2 boards could have me waiting for some time -_-