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#1 16 years ago

Ok guys. It is a strange problem. First you should know that I reinstalled and deleted and installed MAO Dees KT 5.0 and JAM Tracker several times ... because I could not decide which one I want to keep. Now I am convinced that I want to use Mao Dees because of Winamp support. The Problem is : I Deinstalled JAM Tracker and Installed MAO Dees. Then I rebooted. Ok everything works fine except by problem : --> When I set up under options my winamp folder : D\Winamp\winamp.exe and after playing close Killtracker again --> the next time I start Killtracker the folder is again : C:\Programmfiles\winamp .... What can I do about that ? Secondly : Maybe it would help to find out where MAO Dee saves its temp information because when i reinstall it ... it again knows my name and my messages ... so it is maybe not really properly deinstalled ... ?? I reinstalled it several times ... the winamp problem doesent work. When I uses Mao Dees months ago ... the winamp thing worked ... I think. Can anyone help me ? IF I get this problem fixed I got another question. Someone told me that MAO Dees has a sabre color changer ? what do i have to do if i want the sabre color changed ? thx.


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#2 16 years ago

You can change saber color yourself by going to profiles........


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#3 16 years ago

Ok skY first off on your winamp issue, winamp must be installed on your PRIMARY hard drive (usually C) in order to work properly. This is why KT is reverting back to the C:\..... file path.

As for the Saber color change, open the console (with KT already running) and type the following !saberon. This will change the color of your saber at random. Now to turn this feature off again you will need to use team chat to type !saberoff.

Hope this helps