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#1 7 years ago

Hi. I reinstalled JK2, after not playin' it for a feaw years. i installed 2 custom SP-levels by creating a folder called "Project Lighthouse" in "Game Data" and copying lighthouse.pk3 into it. But the mod list keeps being empty. o_O damn! everything works fine, by putting the pk3-file into the "base" directory. but because various SP-levels are overwriting the original games model files it would be much easier, to load the mods one by one. oh and: loading mods on setup menu in JK Academy works without any proplem. :confused: PLEASE! I NEED HELP!


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#2 7 years ago

Try putting something like "Project Lighthouse" in a new file called description.txt inside GameData/ProjectLighthouse. That should populate the mod list.

EDIT: color codes (^x) are also available.