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#1 17 years ago

This is a really annoying problem. :uhm: Me and me friend are playing JK II together through a LAN (our own). Everything went well until I discovered the 1.04 patch after I installed 1.03. The game kept crashing with the new 1.04 patch while it worked on the other computer. :uhoh: I had to delete the game and re-install it. Since then - No LAN games no more! :mad: Neither does the other machine appear in my list nor do I appear in the other's list.. And we kept exact the same settings like before. I'm now really confused coz I already tried to change settings and/or commandlines and it still won't work :( This ^$^%#^(*!!! 1.04 patch!!! :mad: I really need some help here... And big THXsss in advance!!!

PS: I use the 'Linux (win32) Dedicated server' patch 1.02 since ever and it also wouldn't work with the newest version. The two machines are :deal: AMD 1Ghz 384 RAM and Pentium IV 2Ghz 512 RIMM


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#2 17 years ago

If this happend yeasterday the main sever was down (for the problem of constant freezzing up and crash uninstall the game deleted all the remaning files then reinstall it just don't down lode any skins or custum maps that is propble the problem I had the sam min I deleted all the skin and maps worked great!


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#3 17 years ago

Thx for your answer. But I meant that the LAN games dont work anymore and for that I surely dont need the main server of JO?!?!?!

What I just dont get is that it used to work greatly before I installed the doomed patch. Now whatever I do, we cannot connect to each other. Tho our network is up and running!! :( :(