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#1 16 years ago

I've made a custom hilt and i'd like to make it work. the problem is that my custom skin shows only in 3rdperson but when i goto 1stperson it is the original skin and messed up in my model. i've done everything right (at least i think so) and i even checked from a tutorial. i made by the way the model with milkshape3d if that has to do something with it. Another problem:(. i replaced desann with chesires vader and put vaders sounds in it. They work just fine but the prob is that i have a vader hilt downloaded and i tried to replace desanns saber with it (which looks stupid on vader :lol: ) and when i play, the new hilt model is there but theres no skin, i mean there is a skin but its not desanns either, its black and white messed up skin. I would appriciate it if anyone would bother to help me.:uhm: