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#1 14 years ago

hi everybody i've got small problem.. i tried to host jk2 server. i entered multiplayer -> create server dedicated internet and run it.. non visible to other users.. ;/ iserver is starting from localhost.. why? i set dedicated to internet.. next i try to start my server using jk2ded.exe file, shortcuts to it and arguments like +net_ip +net_port xxxxx +set dedicated 2 + set fs_game academy +exec academy.cfg ... still non visible to others.. next i tried using jedi runner, it worked well. my server can be seen by others.. but jedi runner has no option running server with a mod.. Can anybody help me with jedi runner to host server with mod (i know it is possible, i saw on google few guys talking they have servers on jedi runner with admin mod, jedi academy mod, it is possible, but how) ? Or please help me run server using jk2ded.exe .. Please help.. annoying problem i have.. ;-/ regards


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#2 14 years ago

Go to my Education page and click on the link "Running a Server from Home".