Why Cant People Join My Internet Server? -1 reply

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#1 16 years ago

:mad: OK Here is the deal, i have tried two different things, one i have tried making a server using the basic things in the jedi multiplayer server stuff, and i get out and it makes the server you know, then i ask my cousin to join it and he cant from his comp, and my friend cant either, so now i dled the jedi runner program and people still cant join my dedicated severs, and i made sure internet is clicked on and they still cant. What is the prob? And when i go to join it on another home comp it shows up on my local but not on internet, is this supposed to happen? i can join it from a lan, but internet peeps cant, this is crap, HELP ME PLEASE :rock:



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#2 16 years ago

The way it sounds is you are in a local listen. To get out of it: Download jedi runner . A great frontend server tool.

I hope this works for you. It works wonders. :rock: