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3rd April 2007

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#1 13 years ago

Hi there. will you try =ADS= clan? then try it^^ our IP to the sever is we have a web side: www.nex.dk (it's english all of it) oh and. the nex need to be updated. just so you know... our forum: http://forumads-new.forumotion.com/index.htm you are welcome to register. our leader is Mose. seconary leader is me. (seph) our rule's can you see here: http://forumads-new.forumotion.com/Discustions-f2/-p748.htm#748 our crew list: http://forumads-new.forumotion.com/News-f5/ADS-Members-t25.htm about rank's: http://forumads-new.forumotion.com/News-f5/ADS-Ranks-t49.htm we have some map's uploaded. sithcouncilv2. the_academy_v3 and jedicouncilGCX. we have some saber's uploaded. but most of them is only alowed to hight ranked. we will soon get a new sever where some new map's will be uploaded on. jedi's home JL II and evolutionacademy and [COLOR=red]impotand[/COLOR]! a pretty OLD meber's name: impatoer tom/imp tom have hacked our sever. but he don't do some big thing's. it's luky. and our leader is in sweden i think it is... in some day's he will son gome back. i'll inform you with more if you need it. :deal:


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#2 13 years ago

Hi. I'm also a Member of =ADS= Clan. ADS stands for Alliance Destroyers. My name in-game is Eagle. We currently have 27 Members are still recruiting. The Server is based in the USA and we are not sure where the New Server will be based, it is due up in 5-7 Days. The Leader is in Denmark. (You may have guessed because of www.nex.DK .Current home map is Sith Council v2 and you can download it on jk3files.com Eventually members DO get Admin Powers. ADS is a mostly fighting clan, we spend a lot of time dueling but quite often we Role-Play.

Please visit the forums, say Hi and if you want to join!