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22nd July 2005

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This is IrishDragon, the leader and founder of the Angels of Fire gaming clan. See our advertisement:;75932#Rate

Visit our website:

Register and participate on our chat forums:

Come play on our server: [COLOR=black][/COLOR][COLOR=black] [/COLOR] We've currently been in operation for 2 years and 4 months. We are a clan based solely on the Lightside, so brush up on your Jedi Codes and ethics if you wish to apply for membership. We do have a MINIMUM two week waiting period so we can observe you and get to know you, also so you can get to know us. :cool:

We also have a 64 slot Team Speak server. We are involved in several other games. (AEGE server), Warrock, and O-game. Many members play a wide assortment of other games as well. More game divisions may be possible provided there is enough dedicated players within the clan. :deal:

Our rules are simple, our stards have been set, our server has been geared towards skilled players, not force spammers. (fans of fast regen need not apply. Default regen is 200, we use 160 outside of dueling, and 150 in private duels.) We use JA+ 2.3 beta. MP damages, saber touch damage is on, no alterations to the damages, and no custom sabers. Upon receiving the rank of Jedi Knight, a member may choose to use doubles or staff. Hopefuls, Initiates, and Padawans are to use single saber only. And watch the language, we have members and visitors of all ages, race, gender, and religion.

We are focused on having fun, and that is exactly what we have.

If you have an interest feel free to stop on by and say hi. Or if your clan shares our ideals, feel free to post an offer for an Alliance. The more tightly knit we can make the JKA community, the longer it will live on. ;)

Thanks for your time.

May the Force be with you, always.

~IrishDragon Leader/Founder of the Angels of Fire