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#1 14 years ago

hi, I'm currently wing leader for the JKJA wing of dFt, who used to be around about a year ago, but have now pretty much stopped playing JKJA. We used to compete in clanbase and some tournaments on jolt or wireplay with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, all those sites now seem to not have an active jedi academy section, and I'm havign difficulty finding any sites currently that organise tournaments or ladders for TFFA and duel modes. As this site seems to be more active than most, I was wondering if any of the clans know of a site that has a ladder system or upcoming tournaments, as I'm looking at resurrecting the jkja wing and getting some competitive games sorted for us. If anyone knows of any sites that offer such facilities it would be greatly appreciated. :) Secondly, if anyone wishes to challenge us for a friendly, please visit our forum at and we'll be up for a match sometime. :) thanks, dFt^Piglet


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#2 14 years ago

You can start with The New Republic Navy website is also a place where you might want to look for a means of organizing a tornament of some kind.